S I N T E R I N G  T H E  F U T U R E




Using sophisticated computing Systems the Engineering department designs new parts. They make prototypes and for example study moulds or choose the most appropriate treatments for the parts.

Our team is ready to analyse and determine possible alternatives for our clients, increasing reliability of parts and reducing the production costs.

The tools

We place great emphasis on using the most up to date tools in our design. CAD/CAM, CNC mechanization, Electroerosion (penetration and treaded), 3D measuring machines. Using these tools we can ensure the quality of our designs.

Advances in technology always involve hard work and an intensive design process applied to both industrial processes and materials.


Warehousing and logistics

Our products are packed according to their characteristics. Our products are  bar-coded and we track all lots and guarantee the FIFO of our warehouses. Our Logistic system allows us to offer “Just in Time” parts in the world.



Our Labs are modern with advanced equipment and specialized personnel in mechanical engineering and metallurgy.

The heart of our system is a compacted powder mix and we have to be sure we have the composition, structure and treatment appropriate to each part.


Additional services

Parts keep requiring better specifications. We treat many parts with additional treatments; impregnation, covering, thermal treatment and machining.

MFS-Sintering can offer all of those necessary finishing technologies to improve our quality and speed of service.