The sintering is a thermal process that allows the solidification and shaping of pieces from the mixing and compression of metal powders. The use of these powders of bronze, iron or steel is an alternative with great advantages when producing pieces at low cost and with a rigorous dimensional purpose. 

In general, the sintering alternative is unquestionable whenever you want to obtain parts with the following characteristics:

  • With the utmost precision. Machining tolerance (IT-07), without chip start.
  • When their forms are complex.
  • When they must provide certain mechanical properties.
  • When your cost economy is decisive

Our products

In order to achieve a better understanding, we divide the products in their respective areas of use: 

Ride control: Valves, pistons and guides. 

Pumps: rotors and washers. 

Safety and Airbag: miscellanies. 

Others: starter engine, braking...

Ride control







 Sintering has a high field of applications. With sintering are able to form pieces from different powder compositions and with different mechanical properties, it allows its use in the following sectors: 

  •  Automotive 
  • Computers and electronic devices
  • Home appliances  
  • Arms 
  • Portable machinery 
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