In this department we design the new pieces by means of sophisticated computer systems, we make their prototypes, as well as the studies of the molds and most suitable treatments for them.

Productive process

MES system integrated into the ERP: thanks to which we can know, at all times, the state of production, quality and warehouse stocks, making it easy to track and trace each piece.


The importance of the tools in our process has led us to apply the latest technological advances from its conception to its manufacture and control; CAD / CAM systems, CNC machining, electroerosion by penetration and wire and three-dimensional measuring machines, allow us to control their quality.


Our modern laboratory consists of advanced equipment and specialized personnel in its mechanical and metallurgical metrology sections. The heart of our pieces is composed of compacted powders; this is the reason for our concern for the composition, structure and treatment most suitable for the piece.

Storage and Logistics

Once the product has been manufactured, it is properly packed according to its characteristics. All the products are rigorously labeled with barcodes, which with the help of powerful computers allow us to identify an exhaustive control of each batch and guarantee us the FIFO of our warehouses. Our complex logistics system allows us to ensure the delivery of "Just-in-time" parts around the world. 

Auxiliary means 

Every day, the pieces require greater mechanical and anticorrosive stresses. For this reason, there are numerous pieces that require processes of impregnation, surface coating and heat treatment or machining.

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